Friday, May 9, 2008

Springtime And Updates

We moved our house last week, and I have not had regular internet, so I am sitting at the DiLusso Bakery using theirs, quickly before an appointment with Whimsey and Mischief. There is not a cloud in the sky. Finally, springtime. Besides moving the house, we have had quite the busy social calender of late, and things have been a little chaotic. I got the studio spring cleaned, and am ready to start a new round of work.

In other news-

Barack Obama has a town hall meeting in Bend Saturday, hopefully we will be in attendance- I know Owl is eagerly drafting questions... Exciting.

This past week heralded the birthdays of my Mother In Law, and several friends. Happy Birthdays to all.

"Any Direction you Choose (across wierdish wild space)" has a home, and a good home at that.

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Anonymous said...

I stood in line for three hours and couldn't get tickets..whaaa..maybe he'll be returning. Did you get to go?