Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sunny days And Spray Paint

Street artist Swoon.

I have the day off from filling in at Mountain Custom Framing, and the grumpy subaru decided today would be a good day to insist that it get some much needed attention. My Big Plans for the day, therefore, got put aside for the good of the vehicle. Lucky for me it is seventy five, cloudless, and there is green grass and a wireless connection outside of Moon Woodworking (owl's day job location). Much needed down time has been forced upon me, so I am counting the cyclist riding by, reading a bit, and researching art stuff. It's quite lovely. I recommend it. Moon Woodworking is also right across the street from the railroad tracks, and a train is on it's way. I love love love watching trains roll by. The tagging fascinates me. I really enjoy graffiti, but have never pursued the style myself, for several reasons: I have little to no skill with a can of spray paint, I grew up in smallish towns with little to no urban culture (not much street cred to be gained in the Mule Capital of the World), and I could never think of a good alias. The whole street art aesthetic is mainstream these days (Post-Graffiti is a labeled movement, now?) but still interesting. A lot more so to me than what is going on in ArtNews and the like. When I see the train cars roll by with beautifully abstracted fonts, I gotta admit a tinge of jealousy. Not for the daredevil, outsider-ness, but for the mad skills.

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Anonymous said...

But don't you even think about hopping on one of the trains for parts unknown? Do you remember your train ride from ND to DC???? And some graffiti is awesome. sasa