Tuesday, July 29, 2008

about face

Miss Little is starting to really come around. I continued feather shapes for the structure of her face, which is a little dramatic and may be a little too faceted, but I think that when I add the details it will settle down a bit.

The calender for the fall is really starting to fill up-
This Saturday is Elevate- the underground art festival- and PoetHouse will be hosting a booth as well as some LookieLoos (don't know what a LookieLoo is? Think Jellystone Park: Yogi and BooBoo painted on a board with holes cut out at the heads, then stick your head through the hole and smile for the camera... super fun)
I have a show booked for the end of October at The PoetHouse, with three fellow art ladies, more on that soon-
I was asked to participate in the Good Things Come in Small Packages show at Bohemia again this December.
Time flies and there is much art to be made.


Anonymous said...

Maybe we'll see you down there this weekend:)
In the meantime I was looking through images of flappers/women of the 1920's and found you Kayce, a.k.a." Norma Valentine'

kaycee said...

Christine I couldn't find the link! Can you send it again?