Sunday, August 31, 2008

Demolition Days

TutTut it looks like I need my down Vest.

I'm not getting any artwork done this weekend, because Demolition Days are happening in the Airstream. (Meaning we are gutting the silver bullet and living out of plastic storage bins. And did I mention winter has arrived in Central Oregon? Which makes for a chilly nights sleep in our home on wheels. )
However- Thought I would let you in on a what's happening around here.

Though it isn't up online yet, TutTut Looks Like Rain made an appearance on the cover of The Source Weekly this week. Many thousand thanks to Mom and Dad for getting it scanned for me! And for my sister in law Lori for letting them take the frame apart.

First Friday , September 5th, at PoetHouse Art holds the "Human Powered Transportation" show. I am still working on my painting for this (a painting- how old fashioned!)

September is also the month for the Art for India fundraiser- more on that soon.

Most excitingly though- is the promise of visitors! Next week some very special Tennesseans arrive in the great state of Oregon. I am so excited about this- though my pleas to bring several other Tennesseans in their luggage will probably fall on deaf ears- cause of the added cost for checked bags, you know.


Anonymous said...

Hey you'd better not let those TNeans know that you have cold weather--you're joking,of course, aren't you????I'm really envious of them--wish it could be me! Haven't been able to pull The Source up yet! Guess we'll have to wait to get it in the mail from you :) Love Mom

Sarah said...

Sadly, the dept. of homeland security doesn't look too kindly on stowaways...

We've already told stories on what wonderful hosts you are, and, of course, we're jealous.

Have a great time, and good luck with demolition.

Rachel said...

did you see the pic of Lucy and the airstream? I tried to explain that Aunt Kaycee and Uncle Al live in one, and she sort of just starred at me with her mouth hanging open. Please pressure Al to post more on his blog and we need more photography from him, too. Whenever you post a picture of you guys on here it makes me so sad! We miss you way too much.

Anonymous said...

I like the cover,the world shoud be suscribing to the magizine!
You soon will be Known through out the world!!!
Geuss who feels that way?
Love Far

Anonymous said...

Ya'll aren't the only ones excited! And we just took delivery on some very special hugs from the more easterly parts of TN! Looking forward to our visit to Oregon. And will happily enjoy the cooler temps! See you NEXT WEEK!