Thursday, September 4, 2008

Human Powered Transportation

Opening this Friday at PoetHouse Art: the first themed show. Artists were given the title, and let loose. Besides paintings, the Show will feature hand made wooden splash guards for cruiser bikes-which are super cool. The Art walk starts around 6.30 so be sure to stop by the PoetHouse if you are in town- and it's okay if you have to drive to get there, but if you can walk or bike- heck yes.

acrylic on canvas- not the best photo- but you get it...


Moon said...

Pedal Power. Ahhh Yeah.
Super sweet my lady

Anonymous said...

Have been checking frequently thinking you might have some of Mr. Rick's photos to add. By the way, we like your haircut[sweet!] (is everybody doing it?)--but love you more. How did the show go? Don't think I need to say who this is!