Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Lion Tamer

This is the coat of arms from the Czech Republic, specifically from Bohemia. I've had a piece in the back of my mind for a while, but I have been looking for a lion symbol to be part of it- I finally found the perfect source- and I find it even more interesting that it is the symbol for Bohemia.
This is the fledgling part of the process. I have a story in the back of my mind- I have sketched out the Lion Tamer, and now I just have to decide on the palette and start cutting.


Rachel said...

Some Foder to Ponder:

a)I was a lion tamer two halloweens ago for halloween. Lucy was a minature lion.

b)My dad manufactured and import anvils in the Czech for several years. He now has a email-pal named Boslov and they send each other pictures every Christmas morning: ours is a picture of the family, his is of the christmas carp-a giant nasty fish they eat for dinner.
The end.

Anonymous said...

Well I'm partial to Lions..cant imagine why. You should've been listening to Coast to Coast am radio last night as two gentlemen were discussing symbols that we are bombarded with in in our western culture , many of which are symbols relating to secret societies, the Illuminati etc...pretty interesting:)
Enjoy the thunder and lightening! Strange weather or what!

Anonymous said...

If you have a story in mind, does that mean you are going to start illustrating books???????mom

Anonymous said...

They have lions too!


kaycee said...

A certain Person is working on a story for me, thank you very much.
Long term goals, Sharon. They take time.

Anonymous said...

Wellllllll. I'm still waiting on Lightning Bugs (Fireflies) is that long term enough??????