Friday, September 12, 2008

Miles and Miles

This morning I woke up sore but very happy.  I have had a wonderful week hanging out with Mr. and Mrs. Mullen (parents of  Gilliam Life author and bff Sarah), and this morning I brought them a yummy Ocean Roll from the Sparrow Bakery before waving bye to them.  They head back to Portland today and fly home to Tennessee early Saturday Morning.  Sadly, I have no pictures to share as of yet due to camera malfunctions.  Hopefully, next week!

The absolute highlight of the week had to be our hike yesterday at Tumalo Falls.  Now, Tumalo Falls is one of those touchstone places that you must see when you come to Bend, but due to snow pack, Al and I have never ventured more than a cou
ple miles up the trail.  We discovered yesterday why it is important to keep moving onward and upward when on this hike.  So many beautiful Falls!  And we just kept going. and going, and going.  The Mullens are wonderful hiking pals, and the miles flew by.  Six hours later, it seems we must have hiked at least ten miles- maybe twelve.  It was lovely.  End the day with a campfire, Mr. Rick and our good friend James strumming Doc Watson songs, and two very large pizzas: Bliss.

In artsy news- Owl and I will be attending a show of new work tonight at the PoetHouse by Cameron and Ben.  And look what was on the cover of The Source this week.


Rachel said...

I love that painting...I am so glad it made cover!

Sarah said...

tears tears- i wish i was there.
that was such a great post, kayc- SO warm :)

Love the cover,too- amazing. and you ;)

kaycee said...

Aww shucks. Thanks, Ladies.