Tuesday, September 16, 2008

That Harvest Moon.

Technically, I believe the harvest moon is in October, but that didn't stop my outdoor boys from suggesting a sunset hike up Mount Bachelor last night.  

Bend saw record high temps yesterday, making hiking conditions perfect.  Ryan (Ole Man), Lotan, James (Sequesto/Boot), Al and I got to the mountain at about five thirty, double knotted our boot laces, and were off.  The boys are avid mountaineers, and they kinda left Al, Kelt and me in the dust. Well, Al and me anyway, Kelt kept up pretty well.

Destination- The top of That.  Elevation 9000 Feet. 

About halfway up, the sun started to dip.  The Views of the Three Sisters and Broken top were soft and gorgeous.
Al looking toward the summit.
We finally caught up with the boys at the top.  Al and I made it just as the moon changed from bright pink to bright yellow.

James, Kelt and I  at the Lift, before  soup and Lagunita.
Top of the World.

Standing Bow on the Summit- Quite Challenging in the Wind.

The hike down only occasionally needed head lamps, the moon was so bright.  The boys tumbled down the snow fields as a short cut, then hid out at the top of the Sunrise Lift in order to scare the slow pokes.  They came yelling out on all fours, like planet of the Apes.  My first thought was deer, then bears, then If I yell they will run the other way.  Al had no reaction, because he was expecting it.  Those funny boys. 
We finally made it down to the truck at eleven thirty.  Lovely.


Anonymous said...

Where was your bow and arrow . Neat pic .
You kiks are some crazy!

Anonymous said...

Should have been kids iinstead of kiks

kaycee said...

Thanks Far.
Yep, We have some fun times.

Anonymous said...

those last two pics are amazing..congrats on getting to the top!!