Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bless this Tiny Alley

Rise Up's New Sign

It has been quiet the last few weeks over in Tin Pan Alley at the Rise Up office/studio... the RU gang has been busy doing "production," shipping out orders and the like, so it's mainly been me and Kelt holding down the fort.   

A week of stagnant creativity has lead to a flourish the last two days, however, mainly thanks to The Source.  They keep me busy. This morning I interviewed Maria Roberts (co-founder of Rise Up) for a Local Hero profile, and I am working on a peice about the artwork of Joe Kimmel who is having a show at the Evergreen in November.  These two people are inspiring to me, creatively and otherwise, so I am encouraged to get back to work on my collages.  Therefore-

There is debate going on about her face... hmmmm....

The Lion Tamer is getting closer and closer to completion.  Chicken Little just needs some final ink, and I am about to work on the Owl.  The narratives behind most of the pieces are feeling more resolved, and the craftsmanship, while slow going, is following suit.

Besides the art and the interviews, I am doing some serious yoga.  The Oregon Hatha Yoga Championships are November 23, and though I am not participating in the actual event  (I will be in Connecticut visiting the niece and nephew) I am pretending that I am competing to give myself a little focus and to hang out with pretzel-like people (also inspiring).  This means focusing on five of the twenty-six beginer poses from Bikram's Class, as well as two optional poses.  I am tackling Pigeon and Crow (birds, again, coincidence? perhaps) Practice is four times a week in addition to typical 90 minute classes that I attend five to six times a week in a 105 degree room.  It may sound like torture, but it provides a wonderful counter balance to thirty degree morning walks with the dogs... Namaste.

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