Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Step Right Up, Folks

Traveling In Circles 
Oil on Wood Panel

Step Right Up, Folks!  It's the first annual Art Amiss Starving Artist Sale!
Are your walls looking drab? Do you need an original, perfect gift for that special someone (be it your spouse, child, self, or the lead singer of that band you are currently stalking) ?
Have We Got  A Deal For YOU!
Just saunter on over to Kaycee's Etsy Shop 
for some sweet art at sweeter prices.
Most Pieces are half off Original Pricing (WOW).

Economic Stimulus, Pishposh! What you need is some Creative Stimulus!

The artist herself will be adding new to you work throughout the next few days, many from her days painting the well recieved abstract Reconsidered series, as well as never before seen Little Paintings.

Invest in Art! No Golden Parachutes Here! 

Okay. I feel very obnoxious. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Keep them coming, I'll have to decide which one soon.

kaycee said...

Thanks for the interest, Mr/Mizz Anonymous Person...

Michael said...

I just love your stuff...if I was still in Bend I would probably even be able to afford some of it ;) (Any way you can take installments of "eventually"?)...

Love you lots,


Anonymous said...

There's nothing wrong with tooting your own horn!