Friday, October 10, 2008

Starving Artist SALE

"Kneeling" Oil and acrylic on Paper, 2003  (approx size 16 by 18) On sale, unframed-  $25

Oh, the romantic Ideal of the tortured, somber, starving artist.  It is a myth.  The tortured, somber part anyway.

And Starving- well unless you live in the Sudan you probably shouldn't use the word.  We live in a great place for freeganism- delightful groceries and bakeries toss day olds and are usually very kind to give you the bags before they hit the dumpster, or so I'm told by one of my PoetHouse friends.  

Still, I am holding a Fire Sale of Sorts. a Starving Artist Yard Sale.
Framed and unframed Art.  Budget friendly Prices.  
Because, In order to keep creating, I gotta sell some stuff.

See my Etsy Shop for examples- though prices are gonna be probably cut in half.

Stay tuned for Photos and Prices.

1 comment:

Sarah B. said...

would like to see more, please.
will send money.