Monday, October 6, 2008

I Love Getting Snail Mail and Spooky Stories

Just checked my mailbox and got a lovely little letter and disc of photos from Innisfree.  The photos were from our visit with Mr. and Mrs. Mullen in September...  These two are from our Very Long Day Hike at Tumalo Falls...
Such a fabulous time... 

In Spookier News- we just got our copy of The Graveyard Book- the newest cross generational story from Neil Gaiman, with illustrations by Dave McKean.  You may or may not know the duo from the likes of the beautiful film and book Mirrormask ; as well as my favorite children's books The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish, The Wolves in the Walls.   I read chapter one t0 Owl last night, and can't wait for bedtime to see what happens next.  If you would like a taste, watch the embeded video of Neil himself reading aloud from chapter one with his fabulous accent.  



Anonymous said...

Mrs Mullen syas:
Oh my ... what a lovely visit that was ... can't wait to do it again! You two are the best hosts and most fun! Thank you for a VERY memorable vacation! One of our best ever! We love you big bunches!
"The lovely Swedish bride and her Irishman"

Sarah said...

MOM & DAD! You're famous! You're on Art's blog!!!!!!

and for the record (again), the ARE the bests hosts EVER.