Monday, December 8, 2008


Bend needs a new Skate Park. So, they asked local artists to fancy up a skate deck to be auctioned off next Saturday. Here is my contribution- done with India Ink and washes of color.


Anonymous said...

I'm so far out of the 21st century--is that the same as a "skateboard"????Loved it no matter what it's called!sasa

Anonymous said...

makes me want to pick up the sport!!! lovely!Mrs M

dubuhdudesigns said...

That's awesome Kaycee!! Hope everything is going well. We've been crazy busy as I'm sure you have. Lets get together in January :) Oh and if you have the address for your friend, I'd love to send her that gift. Thanks..and Merry Christmas to you and Al! (That's your Christmas card as we havent had time to get those done either) :)