Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Etsy Updates, Events Upcoming, Everything Unusual

Back in the Studio, after a restful holiday, hit the ground running...

I spent this beautiful, very un-Decemberlike day working on all things internet.  

I am hoping to soon get back to actually discussing the creative process instead of just updating on goings on, but Until that happens- How about a List-

  • Several Artists I know are gearing up for Red Friday... Including my friend Christine over at DuBuhDu who has made some lovely ornaments...  Check out my Etsy Shop as well (the link is over that way---- to the right and down)
  • The PoetHouse has started a new fundraiser to pay the rent, so the artists don't have to.  The resident artists donated a piece of artwork to have reproduced and sold locally, with all proceeds going to the PoHo.  They look lovely.  
  • Good Things Come in Small Packages opens this Friday, at Bohemia Gallery in Ashland.   
  • First Friday this week at the PoHo will feature the work of Tom Monson- Check out his work if you are in town, his site is super cool too.

One of my pieces in the Small Packages Show.


MSO Rin said...

I LOVE that new piece! Show more!

Anonymous said...

What happened to the "Lion Tamer"?
I keep serching for her.

kaycee said...

I was just finishing her up today... Almost ready to be scanned.

Rachel said...

Loving the Covered in Birds!

Anonymous said...

That is beautiful Kaycee! I think you ought to make those into lovely cards. How was the show?