Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Compass Shifts.

In Progress- a meditation.

"The unknown was my compass. The unknown was my encyclopedia. The unnamed was my science and progress. "  Anais Nin.

I've mentioned compasses before, I think.  I am sorta obsessed with them.  They pop up everywhere in my work, many times hidden. 

Suddenly, the poles have switched and everything is upside down and inside out. It happens.  I didn't realize last week when I was assessing resolutions how quickly west would become east.  Not for me, but for my best friend.  And I know it's random and strange to be posting this on a blog- so I apologize in advance to those who think blogs blur public and private to easily. But this is my blog, and it is my life and my art, and my life impacts my art.  So.   Owl is leaving in eleven days to serve our country, our new president. He is joining the Connecticut National Gaurd.  I am going to continue for now to live in Bend, focus on my artwork, on writing for the Source (who actually will be assigning me more stories- hooray), on my blooming relationship with Rise Up International (who I hope to accompany to Nicaragua this spring).  He is going to get to go to grad school for free, cut his hair, roll around in mud, wear camo, and see our neice and nephew every day.  It is going to be a huge, huge shift.  And there is a lot of unknowns.  And it's gonna be hard. The most difficult thing yet.  But, it is also going to be another grand adventure.  It is going to lead to amazing, wonderful things.  

Just so you know.


Anonymous said...

Kaycee, just so you knw! WE LOVE YOU!

Anonymous said...

It goes without saying!!! Nicaragua??? You know that's where we're suppposed to look for our beach retirement home! Love you.sasa

Patricia said...

sounds like a lot of exciting changes happening in your life!

didn't you once want a compass tattoo?

p.s. i LOVE your artwork. i have the painting you gave me hanging up everywhere i live :-)

kaycee said...

I still do want a compass tattoo!

Maybe I've just been waiting for the right time to get it.

Love you all, back

Christine said...

: O

WHAAAA? Wow so much going on!! Ok, we'll try and make it Friday as we definitely need to catch up with both you and Al! I need to know about how Al is doing what he's doing and about you going to Nicaragua!