Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Lotsa Photos Post

I wrapped up the commision for TBD yesterday- this isn't the final
 photo, but close.  I was pleased with the finished piece... 

The PoetHouse presented Deuce Double Aught Nine last friday- New work for the new year.  We installed a scroll to write resolutions, and it unrolled across the floor. 
My resolution- Floss.
Jo Lundberg

Jason Graham

Kera Tucker, Jason Parnell, Jason Graham.

Cyr's  photography.

my work, Jefferson Johnson, Laura Linnert, Sarah Hubbard

Sean Anderson


Anonymous said...

Awesome--wish we could have seen it in person. Bet it leads to more commisioned work for you. Love you sasa

Rachel said...

Love the flag! And seeing your stuff in the gallery!

kaycee said...

Wish the photos were better- Sorry!