Thursday, February 12, 2009

Just an Update.

Hoorah! I finished the Coffee wall, and will post pictures as soon as I can. And now- the real fun begins!

Next thursday, Mountain Custom Framing will be having their grand reopening Champagne Shindig and I am one of the featured artists.

Then on the 27th- Lisa (Mountain owner and my bud) and I will be Opening a one week show at the PoetHouse of our recent endeavors. More update on that soon...

In the mix with all that is the first chapter of Joe Kimmel and Companie's Crystal Dragons project ( a sci-fi/fantasy painting plus music plus narrative endeavor that is going to be super cool). Also- I will be moving my studio space out of the RiseUp offices into the actual PoetHouse- as RiseUp is currently shifting directions. So, Lots and Lots of Art. Lots and Lots of Shifting Landscapes, and hopefully a day or two up on the mountain using free lift tickets from this fall.

I also have been collecting video to compose into an art piece. We shall see where that goes.
Just frivolousness, really...

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