Monday, March 23, 2009

Dreams of The Flying Pigs

Kera putting the street sign out

Friday night saw the opening of Corrupt Wood(s), a show of new work by my fellow resident artist Jo Lundberg.  It was also a joint birthday shindig for Jo and Cyr, as well as a going away/congrats for getting into grad school party. Jo's latest work consisted of found plywood boards altered with easter egg color landscapes that were informed by the wood grain of the plywood.  Among the landscapes, she added Animal Farm type imagery- one panels hosted a feeding frenzy of birds pecking away at a Bird Seed Liberty Bell.  Another multiple panel piece showed a pine tree dropping bananas and apples cut from monopoly money into a wastebasket.  Jo's work is witty and biting, but also beautifully rendered with detail and care.  The most whimsical piece, was the installation seen above, which consisted of flying piggy banks moving from gilded frames into a three-dimensional plane, only to have one broken on the floor, with chocolate money scattered around for the audience to enjoy. Overall theshow was incredibly cohesive, well thought, and well executed.  Plus, I enjoyed being there for the whole process, as well as helping Jo hang the little piggies from the ceiling.  There is a bittersweetness, of course, as Jo will be leaving for Peru the first week in April, and staying abroad for four months.  I'm hoping the planets will allign and I will be able to go visit her in June, but that's another flying pig at this point...
Below are some of my favorites from the show, enjoy... or Check this to see more... and this.

Lara (my longtime bend buddy and fellow artist)  and me enjoying the show

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