Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Sparrow Chair Continues.

The Sparrow Chair is coming along nicely....  Yesterday it looked like that.

And now it looks like this:

Kelty is a good studio apprentice.

I thought I would also add some photos of my fellow artists- Lori and Tom hard at work.

I am also very pleased that my friends Old Man and Boot (Ryan and James) are back from their adventuring in Mexico.  They climbed some Very Very Tall Volcanoes. I'm talking like 17K feet plus.  I am glad to have them back, because they cook for me.  Last night, they made tortas and showed me photos of the trip.  

I'm a lucky, lucky girl to be surrounded by such creative and wonderful friends. Especially considering the Owl left Connecticut this morning for Basic Training in Fort Knox, Kentucky.  
Officially a soldier, I'm officially a military wife: I got my military ID yesterday.  Never thought that would happen, did you?

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Anonymous said...

Chair is looking great although I couldn't get the "now" pix to enlarge--what happened to the bird I saw on it the other day? You'll have to watch out---men in uniform can steal your heart away! Do all you guys share the same studio?Love sasa