Thursday, May 14, 2009

Then Your Life Becomes a Travelogue

My digital camera bit the dust the last time I went rock climbing.  It was a good one, lasted about seven years, and now it just says System Error when I try to catch a photo.  

However, in spite of the lack of documentation, I have been doing quite a bit of work.  I am currently finishing up a commission collage that I have been working on since January.  When it is scanned, I will be able to show more and discuss it fully.  As far as showing goes, my heArt of Yoga Pieces are finally hanging in their home at Center Yoga in Redmond.  Three collages found homes last week (Taking Time, Flocking Together, and What is on Its way--- prints are still available if you need one, however...)  Wednesday night found me at my old stomping ground- The Great Frame Up, which I worked at for several years upon moving to Bend, hosted an Open House featuring past and present employees artwork.  Pastel work by Christine Huber, watercolor by Tavia Enoch,  mixed media by Jennie McPhearson, and Lisa Chancellor's paintings made for a strong and varied display of work.    

This weekend, summer arrives in Central Oregon.  I plan on painting a garden bench for my back deck and also begin packing for the Epic Spring Adventure.  My good brothers/mountaineer buddies James and Ryan- who I mention quite frequently as Boot and the Ole Man are accompanying Kelt the wonder dog and me on a trip to visit my darling sister in Missoula, by way of Idaho.  We are leaving next Tuesday to spend two plus days climbing at City Of Rocks (hopefully meeting a couple of friends there), two days topping Mt Borah (or at least I will be base camp manager, depends how scary Chicken Out Ridge is), and then on up into Big Sky Country for a week of visiting, hiking, and microbrewing. Quite the trek.   Not only have I not seen my Big Sis in over a year, I also have not slept outdoors in almost two.  I cannot wait for this trip to refuel and inspire me.  

The road is a prime time for sketches.  Three or four of the collages to the right started out on road trips,  and since there will be two willing drivers to share the miles, I believe I will get a bit of graphite down on paper.

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