Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More of an Art Skip

Miss Cyr and I drove up to Portland yesterday through a record high heat wave.  We met up with Miss Jo, who had been traveling around Oregon and at last alighted at her parents house. The afternoon was free for checking out art galleries before the girls dropped me off at the airport for my red eye to Minneapolis.  (I'm still awake and at the airport, delirium has arrived.)

We unfortunately only made it to a couple galleries before they closed- Compound, the Goldsmith Blocks, and the New Space for Photography (Cyr was making connections, and scoping out the dark room).  Not quite an Art Hop, but that typically happens on first Thursdays or last Fridays anyhow.  

My favorite piece had to be an installation by sculptor Kevin Christman.   Bone white figures floated elegantly, each one tucked with peaceful expressions into a fetal position.    I don't recall how many there were,  but each one was different and there was a ballet-esque quality that contrasted with the stillness of them hanging over metallic sorta pillers/stakes .    

The evening continued with Old Friend Terah Beth- one half of the band Hey Lover, joining the girls and me for drinks at a hip little southeast bar called Night Light.  Despite the 101 degrees (I could have done bikram yoga outside!) Portland is a very welcoming town...

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