Thursday, August 6, 2009

"if everyone ate flowers"

And suddenly, there is a whole series of new collages waiting for me to build them.  After spending a week lakeside in Minnesota with my family, the muse decided that I have had enough R and R.  It is time to work.

I read quite a bit by the lake: the Little Prince, Ladders to Fire, and just finished Life of Pi when I got home.  It was a passage in Ladders to Fire that opened the gates.  One of the characters, Djuna, describes how her brother went crazy when the second world war began.  He started eating flowers, believing that "if everyone ate flowers, peace would come to the world."  
And then there was the Newport Folk Festival.  NPR has amazing coverage, downloadable podcasts of live sets by Neko Case, Iron and Wine, Gillian Welch, The Avett Brothers.  Listening to the live sets of songs that have been my background music for the last several years, with accents on different verses and nuanced choruses, brings a brand new perspective to the simplest things, it's like looking through Cyr's photos and seeing how she composes photos with a different eye.  

It seems like everyone is in the studio, which is another encouraging sign.  Tom Monson hangs a solo show on Friday.  Jo has begun a new painting as well.  The PoetHouse at its best.  

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see how our funtimes at the lake come forth in your work! It was so great spending time with you--even though it was short--congrats to the pinochle queen! Love sasa