Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tools of the Trade/ smoke 'm if you got 'm

Tom Monson presented a solo show at the PoHo this Friday, entitled "Smoke'm if you Got'm." Before the art hop started, Tom preformed for an intimate group of friends and peers.  Not only is Tom a painter, he also sings and writes lovely songs.  The seven song or so set was achingly beautiful, full of imagery that complimented his work, which balances simple line drawings that are complexly emotional and autobiographical.  

These two are my favorites from the set- the upper is entitled "brutha" and the painting below is entitled "eyes should be large and contain no lies."  Tom described this latest work in his artist statement as not cohesive besides that he created them, that each piece came and existed in the small moments of every day, which essentially is all we have.  

My photography obviously does not do it justice. My apologies.  

The other excitement of this weekend came in purchases of tools for my work.  I found a tiny iron and a new pair of scissors at a fabric store, the iron (and it's blue!) will allow for deft maneuvering with less risk of second degree burns.  I have several sets of scissors already, but these are gold and imprinted with a crane.  They are kinda magical and amusing to me, it doesn't take much.

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