Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Second Best

Nolan (the intern), Miss Jo Lundberg (bend's best Filipino artist, tied for best Norwegian artist), Jean Hubbard (husband of PoHo instigator Sarah Hubbard), myself (tied for best Norwegian artist), Mike Martinez (Best Street Performer- actual award), Sean "Some Pig" Anderson (PoHo instigator) and Collette Anderson (the woman behind the man)

The PoetHouse received almost top honors last week in the Source's Best of Bend popularity contest.  The category- Best Art Gallery.  We were the runners up, which I am incredibly pleased about, considering we are 1. Non Profit.  2. Been Around for a Little over a Year.  While it was debated in our little community of artists about how prestigious being second best is, we will proudly hang our blue ribbon and certificate on the wall, and aim for first best next year.

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Anonymous said...

Way to go POHO--you could have gotten first for "Best Southern Norwegian" artist!!! Love & miss you. sasa