Friday, January 29, 2010

Nostalgia: Where We Come From

Hands down favorite nostalgic toy: Fashion Plates.

I was  reminded of this wonderfully creative (let's not dissect all the cultural/gender connotations that could be applied) toy that I had growing up while Jo and I were watching Season Seven of Project Runway (burlap sacks, but that's another post).   

Basically Fashion Plates consisted of different templates divided into torso, legs, and heads.  One could mix and match each part to create an exponential varity of looks.  There were tennis skirts!  There were bell bottoms! There were leg warmers! There was Farrah Faucet hair!  This was the early eighties, after all.  The templates were then covered in paper and rubbed in charcoal (think the process you use on old gravestones), with colored pencils to finish the designs.

 OH! How I wish I had the Fashion Plates now- I would incorporate them seamlessly into my collages.

After finding this picture of a set online- I am amazed at how much this toy has influenced my aesthetic.  If you don't see the connection- just look at "Flocking Together Can Be Over Rated."  The line quality, the pouty lips, the suggested features, the hairstyle.  Wow.  This is where she came from.  If anyone sees a set at a yard sale- will you please pick it up for me?  I will pay you back.

Eat your Heart out, Tim Gunn.


Anonymous said...

Do you have any idea what happened to yours? Should I check your cedar chest???sasa

Sarah B. said...

now I wasn't girlie, but I LOVED my fashion plates- I wish we still had them. They were rad.

kaycee said...

I wasn't that girlie either- but man! I loved these... Mom- I think they were in a yard sale long long ago.

Marie said...

I remember playing with fashon plates when I was a child. What wonderful memories. I haven't thought about them in years.

MSO Rin said...

FashionPlatesFashionPlatesFashionPlatesFashionPlatesFashionPlates!!! You just made me SOOO very happy!!! :)