Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mapmaker, Mapmaker, make me a Map.

Cyr helped me document my little paintings I did for the Cycle Cross show back in December.  I find it comforting sometimes when life is feeling a little chaotic to draw a silly map.  Partially inspired by CandyLand, and  partially inspired by the journey's of Billy in Family Circus, my own versions are pen, ink and a little paint.  It's all about the journey, right?   At the moment, I am creating another one on a longboard skateboard deck for PUSH, the Skateboard Art Auction benefits the Division Street Skatepark Project.

details of map my ride

Diptych-  journey vs destination


rachelaine said...

Kaycee the mapmaking is awesome!! "partially candy lane"....hahah!

Anonymous said...

I think I get the hang of it now!

Sarah B. said...

loving it. I think Patrick could really learn a thing or two about cartography from you ;)