Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Windows and Doors

"Next time, Don't ask Br'er Rabbit for Directions"

First Friday rolled on by again last week, with the PoetHouse presenting "windows and doors," and Lone Pine hosting new work by Cyr.  Whether it was the nice weather, or the fact that Bend was restless after January's lack of an art hop, downtown was packed with all sorts of folks(who am I kidding, it's cause of the wine tasting).  There were even people on stilts ducking through the door to the PoHo.  

cyr and her mom, and her piece titled "they say our tree won't grow back, but someday something will." This piece is a contripbution to Haiti.  She refills it with tiny photos, and people leave dollars clipped to the clothespins. 

another cyr piece- taken on one of our drives. this is Jo and our star balloon.

Cyr and I  being un-serious.  Jo and Brittany.  Tom and Shahar (my Israeli housemate).

Mike Bookey, Shahar, myself, Mary Booky, Cyr and Jo.   Mario Dickson's piece - Skeletal Silhouettes

Brittany Zendajas, Window to Summer.   Jason Graham, Red Dirt Door

Jefferson Johnson, assemblage.  My painting of Rachel Brown re-appears. 

sarah and christian

Cyr:  trespassers welcome

Tom Monson

the sarahs.

Sean Anderson overly optimistic


Anonymous said...

Is it a snake orsome ones intestines?
I need more clues

Anonymous said...

Oh my is it a tape worm?

kaycee said...

What are you talking about dad? My collage? brambles.

Anonymous said...

No the first picture on your blog