Thursday, January 6, 2011

Don't it Always seem To Go.

The PoetHouse still is without heat.  It is officially colder in there than it is outside, especially today, which is bright and beautiful and almost balmy (let's say pushing forty! wooHOO).  This week and a half of not being able to be in my studio space is reminding and redefining my relationship to PoetHouse.  How wonderful it is to have a space like that to flock too! How wonderful are the artists, musicians, creatives, and our muses that flock there!  My days are much less filled to the brim this last week and a half, and I miss my little community.  The heat gets fixed tomorrow, and you can bet your life that that's where I will be most of this weekend.  Until then.  Here are things I am excited about (most involve music).

New Iron and Wine.
New Decemberists.
The new Solar Room @ Mandala Yoga Community.
Cyr's Photoblog that she is shyly presenting to the world.

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