Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Folksinger

I met last week with a folksinger friend of mine, and she gave me a present.  The present was her latest album in rough demo form, and she is letting me filter it through my brain and hands into collage form.  She wants my artwork to grace the cover, and I am honored by the chance.  I am extra, extra excited about this project for several reasons.  Firstly, because it's almost like a collaboration.  Secondly, because I find music so inspiring to my work, and it is good to have fuel.  Finally, because it's like studying tea leaves.  I am excited and curious to see what my ear picks up on,  because that is usually exactly what I need to hear.

I saved listening to the opening track, what may be the title track, until this morning.  I put it into my car cd player as I drove home after having brunch at Sarah and Christian's flat.  I automatically had goose bumps. Ideas swarmed my brain and I wanted to pull the car over and write them down before they floated away, like Charlotte's Children on tiny threads of spider silk.

Yes, and Yes.


Anonymous said...

good idea to pull over.
good to have a good idea!

Anonymous said...

WOW bet this is going to be the start of something great! I'd been wondering how CD covers are chosen. Love sasa