Friday, January 21, 2011

New Digs, I dig.

This last week found me moving again, from the house near Newport Market I shared with the lovely Jo, Adina, and Shahar, into a sweet little one bedroom that is a three minute walk from the studio.  Three minute walk to teach my Wednesday morning yoga class.  Three minute walk to Lone Pine for work.  This means I don't have to drive my car.  This means I am walking my talk.

The thing about moving, is that I get to look at the past for a moment.  Old paintings, old sketchbooks, bowls I threw in college get moved with me.  Sometimes I find them odd.  These same hands made THAT?  Ewww.  But it's also a reminder that I've been creating for quite a while now, and will continue to create... I find that satisfying.  Just a little aside.  Now, back to work for on the tape sculpture.   (I really must put photos up soon...)


Anonymous said...

It is TOTALLY the theory of 3's ... whatever THAT is ... but I believe in it
Mrs M

thelittleprints said...

i have the same reaction to old work...even work that is only a few months old, in some cases. i guess time gives us a more objective view. it is a good feeling sometimes, actually...