Tuesday, February 15, 2011

give me your hand -me -downs (i'll make my own)

Way back in November, seems like ages ago now, the resident artists at the PoetHouse did a twenty-four hour lock down before First Friday.  I had been listening to Andrew Bird quite a bit, and his lyrics about a "life sized paper doll"  kept rolling through my head.  I didn't have the materials to make it life sized, but I did have an idea of the costumes I wanted her to wear, and a box of old wrapping paper that my mom had been saving for years and years.

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Anonymous said...

How could I not love this--being a "paper doll" child and lover of "hand-me-downs! Glad you could make use of some of the paper. My "BOYFRIEND" in the 3rd grade bought me my first book of paperdolls!!!!!sasa