Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dang you, Ursala

I am by no means an Ariel, though I have plenty of who-sits and what-sits surrounding me in my studio.  I do feel slightly akin to the little mermaid this week, however, in that my voice is completely MIA.  I taught my nine-thirty Yoga class Wednesday morning and it got progressively froggier and froggier until Thursday when it gave up the ghost completely.  After being holed up in my cozy house for two days, trying to not even whisper, I realize two things:  I talk to myself and Kelty quite a bit, and to not even be able to do that is quite lonely.  I also am terrible at charades.

The biggest bummer of this illness is I was supposed to be helping with snow sculptures for Bend's WinterFest Celebration (and winter is indeed back with enthusiasm).  Hopefully, I will have some photos of the finished pieces (I helped rough out three, at least, on thursday) sometime.   Snow is a fun and challenging medium.

I will take this time to show photos from December's First Friday.  Bike+Art=Love from the cyclocross competition- I made several bikes from feathers and hung them in the studio...

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