Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The New Studio

After a good long month of consideration, I decided to move my studio into my house.  As much as I adored my tenure at the PoetHouse, have spent the last month slowly shifting, bringing all my art supplies into my dining room area.

The end of June, beginning of July, continued the trend started by that stinkin' mugwort, with the following events/non-events/situations/blessings/curses (to be categorized when I'm done processing them):

  • Major physical drama, sorta, concerning my wrists and hands; which made yoga, art, and guitarplaying quite difficult.  Not to mention barista-ing and typing on this blog.
  • The beginning of my thirty-second year,  complete with a jaw-dropping visit from a wondering soldier.  
  • The Freedom Ride on the fourth of July, always a swell time.
  • A solo adventure to Portland to see one of my heroines, Miss Neko Case, perform. (Thank you Denny for the wrist braces that enabled me to drive there and back).
  • My joining of the girl choir in local band The Rural Demons, a band that represents through it's members three, no four, coffee shops in town (as well as a gluten-free bakery in Portland).  This fact is not coincidence.  
  • Four very thought provoking, interesting, and supportive critiques at the PoHo, as well as several conversations with Cara and Louie.
  • Random acts of local and global violence that have both shaken and reaffirmed my belief that human beings are not that bad.
  • Four really good books given to me to read, and a awesome new Gillian Welch album to listen too.
  • The actual, physical copy of House of Snow being given to me at the first Rural Demons performance.  Two bucket Lists marked off in one night.  

Back to the new studio, however.  I realize that it is going to take a little more resolve to not become a complete art hermit while creating at home.  I also realize that woah, time's a wastin'.  Let's stop thinkin' and start cuttin' and pastin'.  Tingly fingers or not.

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Anonymous said...

Would love to know the titles of the 4 books! U don't happen to have a recording of your singing with the band,do you????sasa