Monday, August 1, 2011

Don't Let the Fading Summer Pass you By.

It's August First, and maybe it's cause I know my nephew has his first day of school this week, but suddenly there is a sense of urgency to my summer.  Perhaps this is leftover from days of gathering nuts and filling the root cellar?   Before I know it, the snow will be flyin' again here in lovely Central Oregon, therefore I have to fill this need to accomplish things while balancing some lackadaisical summer enjoyment.

Since I don't have a camera available to show the progress on the two new collages I've been working on, I will share a photo of other extracurricular activities.

Rural Demons 

We have a show at the Horned Hand this Friday (which is also first friday, again).

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Anonymous said...

At Auntie Barbara's--how did the Horned Hand Show go?sasa