Tuesday, January 3, 2012

after the dust settles, then the fire burns

Sometimes, I think I am the orange horse.  Sometimes, I think I am the grey.

A dynamic relationship, that's for sure.

Anthropomorphism is a tricky thing.  Animals make great stand-ins when you want to talk about tricky, sticky, messy, heart-wrenching, but ultimately beautiful things (relationships, for example).  The tricky part comes in, however, when you realize that sometimes the grey horse and the orange horse are really stand-ins for the same person, or they switched colors and stories without asking anyone's permission (especially not the person creating the story).  Tricky, but also entertaining because the story you thought you were telling starts to tell you.

An aside- I like to hide secret messages in collages, cause I find it entertaining.  This one has a nod to my dad's family brand- which is an A enclosed in a heart.  Given, they used the brand on cows and not horses, but still.  Also, I guess it's not a secret message if I tell you it is there...  but then- Where's Waldo wouldn't be fun if you didn't know who you were looking for...