Wednesday, January 4, 2012

because your story weighs so much more than my story (six of one, half dozen of the other)

Elephants arrived in a couple of my pieces for the show at Lone Pine.  I had been thinking about the idea of 'the elephant in the room' as well as the myths of Ganesha, the elephant-headed hindu god who is the Remover of Obstacles.  What could be a more looming obstacle at times than the elephant in one's room?

The picture I used for reference for this piece was an old public domain drawing of elephants at a circus.  As I developed the piece, it seemed to make sense that the elephants weren't blatantly different sizes,  and the sea-saw they balanced on needed to be a delicate sort of perch.  I wanted to have them on display, but not with too much pageantry.  The circus tent became a backdrop of simplified Eye shapes,  a subtle audience to the reckoning of things.

It was important to me that the idea of two drastically different perspectives, two completely different experiences, could exist in a similar space, and still have kindness in their eyes.  Maybe Ganesha doesn't so much remove the obstacles between two people, instead perhaps he just aids in the acceptance of them.

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