Wednesday, July 25, 2012

and I shall have some peace there, for peace comes dropping slow

A necessary part of the artistic process is the part when you rest.  When you let everything stop, and just be for a minute.  I was lucky lucky lucky this last week to go Middle Tennessee, and to Innisfree, one of the most wonderful places on this green earth.  I hugged my parents. I visited with dear, dear friends and their beautiful children. I got to hug horses and bury my face in long manes, paddle the Duck River with a Great Blue Heron leading the way, and hike to Jackson and Stillhouse Falls under thick green light.  I took an outdoor shower with hummingbirds flying by.  I ate tomatos fresh from two loving gardens.  I was quiet and thoughtful, and I laughed and I remembered.

And now, I am back home at one of the other most wonderful places on this green earth.  I am blessed. 

I'd love to hear where and how you rest and refuel, and what other magic places there are that I should visit...

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