Monday, July 30, 2012

Cross Culture: Art + Bike Love

Summer is flying by, predictably so.  And that means: back to mulling over ideas about the fall and how Bend Artists are going to participate in the upcoming cyclo-season.  My friend Sweet Pea (who, besides having a rad name, is a super sweet mover/shaker in the Bend Bike and art communities) sent me the following and asked me to share:

For the 4th year in a row, we'll be celebrating the sweet spot between creativity and cycling during the Halloween CycloCross Crusades in Bend and we'd like you to be a part of it. Each year, Cross Culture has been greeted with excitement and support from our local community as well as as the throngs of cyclists congregating in Bend for the weekend.  Expect even more of that good stuff this year as we build on the Crusades' theme of 'Cyclo du Soleil' with our own 'Art Party Under the Big Top.'

"What's that?" you say. Well... Deschutes Brewery will be setting up their big tent early so that we can hold an awe-inspiring art event to kick off the weekend Friday, October 26. Top notch artists (that's you) are being asked to produce limited edition posters which we will sell in at the art-party on Friday night and continuing on-line for the month of November.  The event introduces party-goers to some of the North-West's traditional ateliers, funky screen printers, and talented, design-oriented artists - providing access to affordable art and one a helluva good time.

Want in? Before 5pm on September 15, send us an image of your work that exemplifies your style. Tell us in a few words: your design idea, your medium of choice, and your process for producing the 21 copies. Submissions will be juried and you'll be notified by September 20.

Please send submissions to:  

This is the abbreviated letter- there are gory details that I left out (gory=Good in this case)
I have started sketching my piece already! Getting geared up (so many puns, so little time)! I heart bike culture in bend, although I am way too chicken to race. I stick with my townie bike.

lil' sketch from before the last bike/art season...

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