Wednesday, August 29, 2012


A couple of summers ago, I shyly showed the lovely Cyr some writing I had been doing that went along with the collages I had been working on since 2008.  I wasn't quite sure what to do with them, but I had an idea, and it kept rolling around the back of my brain (perhaps it was a marble I lost).  I slowly began piecing these things together into a form that was more than just scribbles and notes.  They aren't really short stories, they aren't really poems, they aren't explanations. Last summer, in one of the poetHouse crit groups, I brought them to the table, and got some valuable feedback (thanks to Tom Monson and company for being so encouraging).  Almost a year later, I felt like it was time to just complete this already, so I recruited my lovely sister to be my editrix.  I found an easy-does-it website with a downloadable, no brain program.  I arranged and re-arranged, and changed fonts twelve times.  And then...

I wasn't expecting this to be at my door until late next week...

A Story (so far)

Granted, it is what I am considering a proof, and it is self published, and it is kinda melodramatic on the inside, and it is tiny, and who knows what I will do with it now, and it is all those things: but also it is kinda cool to see a project come to fruition.  And the fact that I am typing this while sipping on a Jubelale, which is another thing that has come to fruition, is kinda rad.

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