Sunday, August 26, 2012

(paint) Bucket List

I've been thinking the last few days, upon fruition of some long anticipated projects, about what I have achieved so far, artistically speaking, and what I would like to see happen in the future.  I decided it to write down my artistic bucket list, here in the open air, to both keep my eyes ahead and also for fun.  Here we go, and if you have ideas- by all means- share!

  • Participate in a six month artist-in-residency in a foreign land. 
  • Create a collaborative, large scale, mixed media project with Sarah Bee and Cyr.
  • Complete a collage that is, oh, eight feet high and fourteen feet long. 
  • Spend six months being a renegade secret surprise artist, like the two guys in that one Norwegian film where they put artwork in cereal boxes.  
  • work on artwork for a film, think Coraline or the Fantastic Mr. Fox, only with paper.
  • Illustrate a book.
  • Have a large dinner symposium with all my artist friends, and a few of my artistic heros (I haven't decided which ones, maybe all of them).
  • Intern for Andy Goldsworthy on an environmental installation.
  • create A Perfectly Beautiful studio space
  • ________________________________________

More to wish for, more to dream up, always and always. 

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