Sunday, September 23, 2012

Creating a Myth in the Tin Pan Theatre

back in the day

The Tin Pan Theatre is one of my favorite spaces.   Four years ago, it was Rise Up's Headquarters and  my first studio space in Bend.  Then, it became a MatÉ™́ Bar.  Now it is a sweet little boutique theatre.

I'm working on a fun mural for the wall, with the idea of creating a bit of myth around the many businesses that have held shop in the building.  Before Rise Up, it was a tattoo parlor.  Before that, who knows.  With the bit of painting, I am doing, the proprietors of the theatre are harkening back to Bend's more rustic roots.  

in progress

My friends Jonathan and Sofie have been hanging out with me while I teeter on the ladder, and we make up stories about the logistics of having an actual taxidermist in the space.  Which leads to conversations of what Old Bend was actually like, and how the TBD Loft used to be a restaurant and antique store.  I'm not quite sure if I believe that entirely.  Maybe while I have the ladder out I should write gullible on the ceiling in tiny letters.  

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