Thursday, September 27, 2012


I sat tonight at a greasy spoon, continuing a To Do List for the fall and winter.

A snippet:
Clean up computer- photos, storage, etc. become Savvy! HA.
bike and yoga. bike and yoga. bike and yoga.
Hike around as much as possible.  Maybe a hike a day before I leave? except when it's raining, or maybe when it is raining.

Email Professors and Tell them Thanks.  
Apologize for being a jerk.

forget that people are jerks.

Knit things.
keep the house clean, sorta.
Clean the kitchen.
Start cooking.
Blog more. Profile art friends, get the convo going.
Bike and yoga. 
Play music again.
Buy Stamps and send Letters.
prep to go BIG
don't forget to read

I feel compelled to contact all my professors that I had to tell them Thank You So Much.  (Maybe this is prompted by it being Ten Years  in November since I graduated with my BFA.  Ten Years! Ten! What?!?)   

They tried to tell me to see more art, to live a little, to work at a truck stop and watch people, to Work Work work work Work.  To center a million hunks of clay.  To paint and paint and paint.   To Sketch all the time.  To look at MORE ART.  To catalog what inspired me.  To listen.  To watch. To clean my brushes properly.  I think they must have shook their heads a lot.  

A lot of the lessons I didn't get until much later.  A lot of the lessons I am still assimilating. 

Mostly I want to say thank you for putting up with my absolute akward-spindly-legged-newborn-foal-just-barely-walkin' yet Ridiculously-Stubborn-and-Righteous attempts at art making and art studying.

I have so much to learn.  

Thanks, and Thanks.

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