Friday, October 5, 2012


I love how someone can be such a kindred, yet work so differently.

My friend Jake is putting up paintings in Lone Pine as I type this.

He is pretty much amazing.
Jake paints with oils. He bundles them up in his bike cart, and bundles himself, and rides (usually in the morning) to Shevlin Park, or Tin Pan Alley, and he paints.  It's plein air, but kinda more than that.   His paintings are much more expressionistic, they capture things Jake Sees.  And Jake sees things differently (more on this later...). There is urgency and quickness to the method of capturing that which is often fleeting, but Jake does it with such excitement and non-attachement, with genuineness and gentleness.

We keep talking about going on a little trek to work on the Aspens as they turn and sparkle.  It's hard for me to take tiny bits of paper and an iron out in the woods though, so I would be happy to just sit and watch Jake work his magic.

bike, easel, beret, coffee, scarf.  

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