Saturday, October 13, 2012

Spin, Spin, Spin

My head has been spinning lately with all the capital-T Things that are happening in Bend, and in my little circle of world, and I am overwhelmed.

I could make a long list.  In doing that, though, would it would cheapen the context? The context of conversations, Kelty-walks, changing leaves, short films, exquisite pickled watermelon rinds, road-trip plans, expansion and contraction of autumn, which is the most amazing backdrop for all these Things?  It would make the individual Things on the list seem separate from the momentum they are involved with.  And the momentum is what is so magical, encouraging, exhilarating  bizarre, and perfectly-abnormally-normal.

Oh, well.
Here's the list anyway:

Bend Film
Continued Jubel Times, which was kicked off by the mighty Anseth clan visiting from Tennessee and Montana, and allowed me to get to hug friends in Portland I had not seen in ages.
Watching friends Projects come to life: a film about Cascadia, Silvero coming home from an Alaskan Tour, Hey Lover's hilariously fun new video, not to mention all the inspiring fall music that is coming out right now- both from friends I know, and friends I haven't met yet.  
An ongoing convo with the Lovely Shanan about life, creativity, yoga, and lovingly calling out BullShit (sorry for the language, sortof).
Winning an online give away of some beautiful earrings made by my friend Michael (seriously, I've only ever won concert tickets and a home-made pie).
Wildwood by Colin Meloy and Carsen Ellis.
An upcoming visit from CYR!

And most importantly:
Planning a pretty epic roadtrip Eastward in oh, about nine days.

Spin on, World.

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