Monday, November 12, 2012

Court the storm

Seven days and twelve hours on the road.

Fourteen states.

"be courageous and leave those eyes to wander..."

         Kelt and I needed a road trip.  Moving through the west, we had lots of space and wind and time.   We stopped at a hot spring in Saratoga, Wyoming.  We saw the sun rise and and set.  We got lost in Tulsa, and had the rental car searched by an interesting state trooper in Arkansas.  We delivered Jubelale like a beer fairy across the South.  We drove past hunting grounds and stomping grounds, and up into New England where we have landed for a time, hours before a hurricane.

The reason for this epic adventure?  To welcome back this travelin' soldier that I know.

"I heard that once we've found a way to court the storm we find ourselves believing in the greatest love story ever told." y la bamba

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