Thursday, November 15, 2012

Studio Away From Studio.

I have had my little mobile studio set up in Connecticut for two weeks now, with five collages in progress (small ones, mind you) and a couple of drawings started. I am aware of how it's changing my process. From the airstream, to Evergreen Studios, to the PoetHouse, to Studio FiftyFive (what I lovingly named my home studio) the tempo of the process is dictated by the space surrounding it. I can't help but pick up on the energy around me. I would say this is the most concentrated I've been in quite some time. The scale that is produced by working at a small desk is much different to the last year of being sprawled out all over my apartment. I am giving myself the deadline of next friday for this latest batch, in order to have something on Etsy for the upcoming holidays.

A Bike. A Deer. A Record Player. Two Foxes. A Red Rabbit.

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