Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Easily Inspired, Easily Distracted

Greetings from the studio.
This a completely informal post, so forgive the lack of Narrative.
My Darling Cyr is in Bend the last week (in town for one more) and I am so pleased that she is sitting in my studio right now, working on her laptop, while we listen to the Tallest Man On Earth and plot our next artistic endeavors (also known as "dork around on the interweb").
In the last few weeks, there was much art finishing, bike riding, yoga, and basking in the Central Oregon Sunshine.
Summer kicks things into turbo mode.
Here are things I am completely inspired by and inspired by:

(album out Sept 3rd, I will be seeing her September 8 and 19)

(this video reminds me of photo trips with Cyr and Jo, and I am stoked to see them in Bend July 6)

Four spaces have been filled in the Studio.  Things are gearing up.

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Anonymous said...

How about at your next gig you do a Happy Birthday.
Would like to be there.