Thursday, August 1, 2013

Warp Speed

Summer comes to central Oregon and all rhyme or reason or schedule gets thrown out the window.   It is too short to take for granted, so when it comes- we pay attention.  Afternoons are filled with time spent in the river. Evenings are centered around watching the sunset, usually with friends and music, always stunning. Mornings are still primarily spent at the cafe, for me, but the rhythm is lighter and starts as quick as the dawn. All this time spent playing and breathing and sunning has sent the amount of creativity running through me into warp speed. It's all energy, of course, but creative energy is the most satisfying I can think of.  I am photosynthesizing. 

In a more down-to-earth explanation of the last month, these things have been delightful:

  • Showing work at both the studio and at the new Naked Winery tasting room in The Old Mill District.
  • A very fun fourth if July full of bikes and friends and sun, and two days later a most excellent Y La Bamba concert, in which I dorked out entirely, danced like a fool, and dorked out some more. 
  • A spectacular weekend with my sis and her hub, in which the Rural Demons helped close down the Horned Hand, and I visited almost every brewery in Bend, and saw a very amazing Spanish silent film where Snow White was a Matador.  Best film of the year.
  • Speaking of the Rural Demons, a very satisfying accousticy show at the Tin Pan Theater.  Which also showcased several lovely Bluesy Canadians, and a short preview of The Gold Rust. 
  • The creation of The Gold Rust- a folk country duo consisting of myself and fellow-other-band-mate Casey the Boy.  (I am known as kaycee the girl in case you were wondering). We play a house show near the lava flow on Sunday,  and the Sunday after that, and then we may go up to the Cascadian Irish Music Festival in the San Juans.  A few of the songs we do are sung in Irish, which just makes me really wish I could teleport to Innisfree, so if we don't go down to California to record (which is the plan) maybe we should just go to Innisfree instead.  
  • The magnificent déjà vu of having Cyr as a studio mate again.   That's right. 
  • The commision of mural, started today, that will hang in Tin Pan Alley, by Visit Bend.   
  • Time spent in moonlight at the Obsidian Flow, Little Cultus Lake, the beloved Descutes, and other magical Cascadian landscapes.  

And then there are the collages: in progress.

and with that, it is almost time to watch the setting.   As in the words of Neko Case's Magpie  "don't let the fading summer pass you by..."

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