Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lone Pine

The Lone Pine Coffee Roasters have officially opened their shop in Tin Pan Alley. It's a beautifully cozy spot filled with "the aromatic bean."


Al Townsend said...

Fantastic! OCD??? It looks great Kayc!

kaycee said...

Whaddya mean OCD???? Are you teasing me?

Anonymous said...

Wall looks great, but I have to ask why they didn't hang the sign & shelves against the brick wall instead of covering the words? Would love to sip a mocha latte there!sasa

Anonymous said...

As soon as I opened the page I could smell the coffee.
Just hope they have plain old Folgers.


Anonymous said...

the art way upped the 'cool' index! nice job, Kaycee!
Mrs M